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Babbel Eco-system


Lesson Nine GmbH

  • 4 Heads of Product

  • 3 Product Managers

  • 1 User Researcher

  • 2 Product Designers

  • 5 Engineers

  • 1 UX Writer 

  • 2 Content Managers

  • 1 Product Marketing Manager

  • 1 Product Strategist


Berlin, Germany


2019 - 2020

Babbel products are the most effective way to learn a foreign language. Whether you're studying on-the-go, in your home or in a classroom abroad, Babbel is the guide for your learning needs.

Per the 2019 commercial strategy, Babbel bought LingoVentura and was eager to discover how the newly named Babbel Travel could integrate into a language learning journey that included mobile apps, virtual online classes and travelling abroad.

Strategy objective

The goal was to identify which personas to focus acquisition efforts on and where cross-selling opportunities exist in the Babbel eco-system so Digital Marketing can effectively target the right audiences for each product.

User Stories

Babbel app – As a user, I want relevant recommendations on my lesson path so that I feel challenged and rewarded regardless of the subscription I've chosen.

Babbel Live – As a user, I want private or small-group classes that fit my schedule so that I can, confidently learn a language in a community who have the same level.


Babbel Travel – As a user, I want a booking platform to guide me in finding a school abroad so that I can learn the language and experience the culture.

What we did

User research showed that users of both Babbel Travel and Live had a strong barrier to entry due to their confidence level of the language they were learning.


By defining the needs of the app users, we were able to isolate each product's target audience and start tackling challenges with virtual, private tutoring and classroom studies abroad.

What we learned

In late 2019, we learned that Babbel Travel had more traffic and active usage than Babbel Live so we focused our efforts on improving the build-your-own packages for Babbel Travel and highlighting locations and ways to contact the customer sales support team to increase conversion.


We decreased our 60% drop-off in the booking flow to less than 24% by fixing typos, bugs and by adding gateways to the school details page from our SEO landing pages.

While the app teams were working on building a recommendation engine and user data collection through a newly designed UX, Live was put on hold until we were able to reach success on the other products. 

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