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With a dash of creativity & a dollop of tech savvy, I aim to create solutions that scale your business.

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Online Education & Study Tools for Medical Students

A strategic initiative to create more engagement with medical content and improve internal and user-facing clarity on performance analysis touch points.

Digital Fitness Experience during the Pandemic 

Redesigning a single-owner business into an online service platform and scaling its user features into self-guided tools.  


Chatbot Creation & Conversational Marketing Software

How setting up processes for UX Research, customer feedback loops and design discovery can streamline product development without sacrificing on the feature implementation.

Online Language Learning & Curated Study Courses 

Using cross-functional collaboration, design leadership goes beyond UI/UX to provide clarity on strategic initiatives for internal stakeholders.

BL-Persona Loop.png

Language Learning & Travel Packages

A combination of applying the Babbel brand to increasing acquisition, engagement and conversion through A/B testing on an experiential travel platform.

Crealytics Self-Service Campaign Suite

A tail of two very different markets – How to meet the needs of one market without sacrificing the users from another through collaboration from all departments.

Crealytics Cover (1).png
GYG Cover.png

Online Marketplace for Booking Travel Experiences across the Globe

Designing A/B test variants on the activity details page to increase trust, clarity and conversion.

Mobile App & Brand Design

Design features and specs for the android app, web platform and online content management system.

UYB Cover.png
Books and Magazines_edited.jpg

Book Covers & Editorial Layouts

Eye candy for the soul – Here are a few book covers and editorial layouts I'm most proud of from my days in publishing.

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