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Chatbot Creation & Software Redesign


Spectrm GmbH

  • 1 Chief Product Officer

  • 1 PM Lead

  • 5 Engineers

  • 3 Customer Success Managers

  • 1 Conversation Designer


Berlin, Germany


2020 - 2021

Spectrm's chatbot software supports retailers and non-profits to scale their customer relationship management and inventory promotion by building a dialogue with consumers using machine learning technology.

As the first Design Lead, I was tasked with setting up processes for UX Research, Product Development as well as redesigning the existing platform.

01_Dashboard_1440 (2)_edited_edited.jpg
Business objective

The key objective in 2020 was to redesign the software UI/UX and amp up features like chatbot creation. This meant balancing customer needs with the investor-approved features on the quarterly roadmap.

My Role

Project & Design Lead​


The first order of business on the design front was to establish a feedback loop with our Customer Success team and our customers then audit the existing UI/UX of the product. The design strategy required defining 4 core artefacts:​

  • Personas and JTBDs

  • User journeys

  • Product information architecture

  • Competitor Analysis to identify differentiators

What we did

In parallel to establishing a customer feedback loop and internal design documentation using Confluence, I ran workshops with C-levels and team leads like UX/UI audits, solution brainstorming on product pains and even brand strategy ideation to kick-start the new visual language for the platform. 

By agreeing on a visual language upfront with Sales, Marketing and Product – Myself and the Engineers were able to create criteria to move forward on auditing third party UI libraries related to the Vue.js migration. 

What we learned

By testing a more modern UI for the software redesign, we learned which component libraries for Vue.js were right for an easy, fast implementation. I learned that certain features like chatbot preview and allowing account managers to switch between channel campaigns would bring a lot of value.


Even though these new features were not prioritized for MVP release, the processes that myself and Engineering established resulted in:

  • A more customer-centric product UX

  • A streamlined product discovery to delivery workflow

  • A foundation for conducting UI and UX Research with customers

  • And most importantly... influencing the investor roadmap

The IMPact

How did the redesigned features perform? We were able to get feedback from clients and internal stakeholders from Sales calls and Intercom's analytics. 

Quant surveys showed that the new software UX went from 2,5 to 4 stars out of 5

The new conversation creator helped clients understand the chatbot KPIs better

The new UI helped clients perform tasks without the reliance on customer support

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