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Digital Fitness Experience during the Pandemic


Luisa Frias – The Wellness Connection


Los Angeles, USA

  • 1 Founder


2021 - 2022

A mindful approach to movement and body work to balance and align your mind, body and spirit. Work on your health and wellbeing from the comfort of your own home!

The Wellness Connection now offers online classes, video-on-demand and movement coaching on all categories from healing and restorative training to yoga, dance conditioning and pilates.

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Business objective

The Founder of The Wellness Connection, Luisa Frias, wanted existing clients to be able to book her services and purchase her training videos directly from her website. Some of the Founder's goals were to:

• Streamline online payments via her website

• Allow clients to attend virtual, live-streams and on-demand, online videos

• Increase membership subscriptions

• Automate scheduling and calendar management for both, the trainer and the client

My Role

Project & Design Lead​


Since the Founder migrated to Wix, I created a "coming soon" landing page highlighting her services to gather traffic data and to get insights on her users so I could learn where to create value for her target audience.

  • Create JTBDs to understand key features needed

  • Design the UX and UI of the activity details page to the booking flow and the post-transaction behavior

  • Create the UX for requesting private sessions and consultations

  • Improve SEO and content strategy on landing pages to increase SERP discovery

What we did

While working remotely with the Founder of The Wellness Connection, she was based in LA and I was based in Germany, I organized some competitor samples and conducted a UI/UX Review using Miro to get a sense of her "must-haves" and vision for how her services would be presented on the new website. 

This exercise and the follow-up discussions afterward, helped to realize what the sitemap should include and the UX needed in order to create a full-service website.

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What we learned

By switching to a new web hosting tool and implementing a "coming soon" landing page, I was able to get an idea of how much organic traffic The Wellness Connection gets per month and from where they're coming from:

• 94% of the traffic is new users

• 50% of organic traffic comes from Instagram and Linktree

• Only 9% of traffic is rendered from Google SEO

• The average user spends 6.5 minutes on the landing page

• On average, there are 22 sessions per month

At the heart of The Wellness Connection's past and present success is client happiness. The Founder, Luisa Frias, had spent two decades in dance conditioning and restorative movement. I used the client testimonials on popular landing pages to increase trust and to visualize how her style of healthy living has helped others recover.

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The results

Because her clients are able to book online and manage their own classes, the Founder has more time to create workshops and retreats, which are her top revenue drivers. Along with the increase in revenue, there's also an increase in organic traffic due to the new SEO content on the landing pages:

  • 58% of the traffic is new users vs. 41% return users

  • 43% of organic traffic comes from Instagram and Linktree

  • Google SEO traffic increased by 148% since the website launch

  • Sessions per month increased by 47%

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